Little Miss Annabelle Rose

Photo Credit: Betsy Miller Photography

Annabelle Rose is our precious little 1 year 3 month old baby girl. She was born exactly 2 years and 4 days after her brother Brecken.

From the moment I found out that I was pregnant for the second time I prayed and prayed- first that the baby would be healthy, and second, that she would be a girl. I was so happy to already have my little boy Brecken, and wanted to be able to experience being a mama to a little girl.

Annabelle's personality is different than Brecken's. She is kind of ornery in a very sweet way, which helps her get away with it :) Brecken is a little more reserved and calm, whereas Annabelle seems more outgoing at this point in their lives. She loves to pull Brecken’s hair and change the channel when he is watching cartoons. She knows how to throw a really good fit, and can turn it on and off in the blink of an eye.

Annabelle enjoys riding our Wildcat side-by-side, which is so funny to me. When she gets in she starts waving at absolutely no one. She obviously thinks she is a princess or a beauty queen.  She loves dancing and ice cream. She is definitely a Daddy's Girl and gets so excited when Jeremy gets home from work. She started walking this Easter and now basically runs all over the place. She doesn't say a lot of actual words other than Mommy, Daddy and Bubby. But she seems to have made up her own little language and she walks around jibber jabbering all day.

She loves her pink baby blankie (pictured above) which was actually my baby blanket as well. I slept with it every night from the day I was born until the day she was born and then I gave it to her.

Annabelle’s nicknames include Sissybelle, Sensitive Sally, Attitudy Judy, Princess Peach and Stinky Pete :) But mostly we call her Sissybelle.

Are there any other mama’s out there who have baby girls around Annabelle’s age? I would love to learn more about your little girls and things that they enjoy doing for fun and education. Please post in the comments or copy over a link to your blog.