My Dad's Advice

 My dad and I pictured on my wedding day

There are certain things you remember in your life. Things that you never forget. Some things are remembered because they were just so great- wedding day, birth of your children, awesome vacations. And some you remember because they were a negative experience in your life- the death of a loved one, heartache, embarrassment. The things I find most interesting are the memories I have of my life as a small child. I feel like the earliest memories I can vividly see in my mind are right before I started kindergarten. I made a lot of friends in kindergarten, one that is still one of my best friends today :) So this is the age that I started leaving my parents to play at my friends’ houses and have sleepovers.

Sorry dad I know this is the creepiest picture of you ever, but I love it :)

This is the specific thing I remember my dad telling me, which I will tell my children someday as well. He said, “Abigail, if you are ever anywhere and you don’t feel comfortable, CALL ME and I will come pick you up.” As a child I didn’t comprehend the weight of what he was saying, but I remember listening to what he said and using it often. You could ask my Kindergarten bestie/Maid-of-honor and she would tell you that a great deal of our early sleep overs ended in a solo breakfast for her because I didn’t make it through the night. (In my defense I told her that if we watched Goosebumps I wasn’t going to make it….even if we followed it up with I Love Lucy). My dad is a funeral director and was often on call at nights. So when I called to ask to go home, my memories are of him coming to pick me up.

My dad holding Brecken when he was first born

I remember my dad telling me this again when I got older. The meaning behind it changed a little, but it was the same concept. He said “Abigail, if you are ever out with friends and there is alcohol around, CALL ME and I will come pick you up. Even if you have been drinking, CALL ME. Even if you are in jail, CALL ME. I will leave you in jail overnight to teach you a lesson, but still CALL ME.” I never had to take him up on this offer because I was a really good kid, but I remember his advice all the same.

My parents are divorced. They got divorced when I was in college, but there were some rocky times there when I was in high school as well. I remember one of the times my dad and mom were separated and no one in my family was speaking to my dad. And I thought about the advice he had given me my whole life- “CALL ME”. So I called him. And I spoke with him. And I cried with him.

My dad holding Annabelle in the operating room when she was born

Still today I know that if I ever really need my dad, I could call him and he would help in any way possible. As a parent myself now, I realize the importance of my dad’s advice. If you are willing to be there for your children- all of the time, 100%, no questions asked; then someday, hopefully, they will be there for you when you really need them as well. Because I know that being the parent of babies/toddlers sometimes feels like these days of diaper changes, Play-Doh messes and finger painting disasters will never end. But in reality, we are all raising adults here. And I know that someday my dad isn’t going to be around to call anymore, but hopefully by that point, my children will be adults with kids of their own, and I will call them.

My dad is not a doctor. He was the audio visual specialist (video camera holder)
in the operating room for Annabelle's birth.

Other random things my dad taught me:

-Always do your best, because at the end of the day, even if you don’t succeed, at least you know you tried.
-Psalm 23
-Don’t apologize to someone after you foul them in basketball.
-Save your concert t-shirts because someday your children will love them.
-The clothes don't make the man-just because you are dressed like a professional skier, that doesn't mean you can ski like a professional skier
-A frog’s butt is watertight

Dad and Uncle Ted-ok he's not my uncle-it's Ted Nugent

Dad and I after skiing about 4 years ago

My dad is an excellent skier-no, no he's not

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there! Do you have advice that you remember your dad giving you growing up? Comment below and share the wisdom!