Last week my husband Jeremy was offered a new position with his company and will no longer be working swing shift! Jeremy has been working two weeks days, then two weeks nights for the last 5 years. When he first started the job it was just him and I, and though I wasn’t thrilled about the schedule, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But after we had children, it became evident that not having Jeremy home at night was a huge deal. When I was still a working mom I would get home at 5-5:30pm, we would eat supper and Jeremy would have to leave for work at 6:30. That left me to do the nighttime routine by myself, get a 2 year old and a newborn to bed, and then try to sleep myself. I have never been able to sleep well when Jeremy isn’t there, and also, I was up 2-3 times a night to nurse Annabelle. Then I would have to wake up the next morning and do the 8-5 grind before coming home and repeating the same night-time schedule again. It was less than ideal.

Since becoming a Stay at Home Mama, his schedule has been a lot easier for me to manage, but it still leaves me feeling lonely at night and I never get a good night sleep when he isn’t there. Jeremy applied for this job a couple of months ago and we have been praying and praying and PRAYING about it. When he told me he had been offered the job I just started crying and thanking God because this is such a great opportunity for my husband and our family. Jeremy has worked very hard at his company and he is a perfect example to our children that hard work pays off.

Last week, after he found out that he got the job, I surprised him and scheduled him a massage and a pedicure :) Jeremy loves massages and he has never had a pedicure, but I have always wanted him to get one just to see what it was like. He went and got his massage and then we took the kids to my younger sister’s house and Jeremy and I went and got pedicures and then went out to dinner. It was so nice celebrating how awesome of a guy he is- and getting a pedicure because let’s be honest mama needed it :)

Whenever there is a big life event like this or something hanging in the balance that might happen, I always have my group of girls that I text and ask to pray about it. This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have an online thread for prayer requests every week!? So I have decided to start a #prayersofgrace prayer request thread. How this works. I will post a picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on my blog and I may include a personal prayer request for myself, my family, or someone we know. Then in the comments section you can put your prayer requests and hashtag #prayersofgrace. I promise to pray for each and every person who comments or hashtags and I would encourage everyone on the thread to do the same. You are more than welcome to be specific or vague with your requests, whatever makes you most comfortable. This can be prayers of thanksgiving for something great that has happened the last week, prayers of comfort for yourself or others...whatever is weighing on your heart as a prayer, feel free to comment. Or, if you aren’t comfortable commenting prayers on social media, you are welcome to email me at acreageofgrace@gmail.com.

I am a huge believer in the power of prayer and hope that this is something that will be beneficial for anyone who choses to be involved. So for my first #prayersofgrace I want to thank God for Jeremy’s new career opportunity and pray He keeps Jeremy safe as he continues to work hard to support his family.