Hello! My name is Abigail! Welcome to my Acreage of Grace! I intend to use this space to share my experiences as a mama to my two children- Brecken (3 years-3 months) and Annabelle (1 year-3 months).

Since deciding to take a break from my full-time job in Marketing in September 2015, I have been at home with our children....all day....every day...:)

My husband Jeremy is sure to be mentioned on a frequent basis. We met when I was 13. He was my high school sweetheart and is my best friend still today. We have been married for 6 years and I'm one lucky gal.

Why did I decide to call my blog Acreage of Grace? Jeremy and I have lived in 5 houses in the past 6 years. I say this with a tinge of embarrassment because people that don't know me probably think I'm crazy. Heck, people who do know me think that I'm crazy :) But, in all seriousness, after our daughter Annabelle was born, Jeremy and I started having some tough discussions regarding budget and our "perfect" living/working situation.

At the time I was working very hard as a Marketing Director for an Assisted Living company. I was toggling between 3 different towns and never 100% positive where I would be one day to the next. That was very difficult with having a newborn baby and a 2 1/2 year old. At that time we were living in what we thought was our "dream" home. We had worked very hard and we were proud to purchase a new construction that we planned on living in for a long time. But these discussions led us to realize that my heart was leading me to be a stay at home mama. I had prayed a lot about it and truly felt like my ministry needed to be with our small children. We knew that in order to make that happen, we would have to sell our home and scale way back to live off of one income.

After we accepted an offer to sell our current home, we had no idea where we were going to go. We knew we wanted to end up in my hometown (pop. 1000) and we wanted our kids to attend the same school we went to. Due to the small size of this town, real estate wasn't exactly easy to come by. One day, while searching online for what felt like the millionth time, I found this acre of land with a 116-year-old house, a barn and a large shop/garage. The house appeared to need more work than we were willing to put into it, but after looking at it in person, we decided it was worth a shot to make it our own.

The acreage was substantially cheaper than our new construction, with the difference allowing me to leave my job and stay at home with the kids. So in a roundabout way, I kind of feel like I have our home to thank for providing me this life I am so blessed to live. And that is how Acreage of Grace was born. Of course I would also have to thank my husband for working so hard to allow me to stay at home with my babies, but that will be a whole other post.

Along with stories about my children and journey as a mother, I also plan to share recipes and craft ideas. I am a Journalist by trade, with my degree in Journalism- Public Relations/Advertising, so I may share stories or tips regarding my time interning and working in that field. I have some pretty amazing and diverse people in my life, so I plan to do Guest Contributor posts, where I will have my friends/family share stories about their expertise or hobbies.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you will continue to visit my Acreage of Grace!

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