#prayersofgrace Cancer

This week there has been so very much to pray for, but one thing in particular stuck out in my personal life. This week I am focusing my #prayersofgrace on cancer: those who have cancer, those who have had cancer, those who have beat cancer, those who have died from cancer, those who have family members and friends who have cancer, children with cancer, mothers with cancer, fathers with cancer.

My cousin Jenifer was diagnosed with breast cancer this week which was heartbreaking news for her and our entire family. Her mother, my great-aunt Vicki, also has cancer and her sister-in-law Tara underwent a bone marrow transplant last week due to her cancer. One of my best friends’ father is undergoing treatment for cancer. My husband’s aunt also has breast cancer. I have had very best friends who have lost their mothers and fathers to cancer.

As you are praying this week, if you could please take some time to pray for those who have been affected by cancer. Pray for healing and peace of mind for them and their families and ultimately a cure for this disease.

Please leave your prayer requests in the comments, or hashtag #prayersofgrace on social media and I will be sure to pray for you throughout the next week!


  1. So sorry to hear this news. Praying for your cousin!

  2. Thank you for sharing and for your faith. Prayer is indeed the best we can do. God has a perfect plan. Prayers of peace, courage, strength and healing to all of those battling cancer.

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  4. Thank you for writing this! I pray all the time for everyone with this. We will beat it! Prayers can go far.